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canada goose jacket sale cheap If you’re looking for a guaranteed way to stay warm in frigid temperatures, Canada Goose would be a foolproof place to start. Originally launched in 1956 as “Metro Sportswear Ltd.,” the Toronto-based company has been all about making high-performance outerwear for over half a century—and boasts a roster of customers known for braving the harshest of climates, from scientists researching in Antartica, to high altitude mountain climbers, to Arctic dog sledders. But Canada Goose jackets have also infiltrated the fashion-obsessed set, who have made Canada Goose parkas a metropolitan staple.

canada goose jacket sale ca Canada Goose Women’s PBI Expedition Parka Coat
This women’s Expedition Parka for Polar Bears International retains all the features of the original Expedition, but is offered in the signature PBI royal blue and includes a PBI Arctic Ambassador badge.

Polyester 85%/Cotton 15%
natural coyote fur (fur origin: Canada)
Relaxed Fit
Mid-thigh length provides good protection
Coyote fur ruff surrounding a 2-way adjustable tunnel hood (horizontally and hood opening), with an adjustable bracing wire for superior protection in high-wind conditions
Four fleece-lined, zippered handwarmer pockets hidden behind chest and lower pockets
canada goose jacket sale uk Canada Goose Women’s PBI Expedition Parka Coat reviews
So far I’ve been in -2° weather and it did its job. Initially, the coat is very stiff. I can only imagine how comfortable it’ll be in a few years. Looks like its made to last a long time. I would go down a coat size. As I said it’ll be stiff at first but loosens up. The price is off the chart I would agree. I’d say if you can swing it go for it. The color is stunning.
I ordered this parka this past Saturday and it arrived this afternoon (Monday)! With my free trial of Amazon Prime, I received FREE TWO-Day shipping via UPS! WOW, talk about fast delivery! ( is an “Authorized Retailer” of Canada Goose Merchandise.)

This coat is beautifully made, which is especially good since it’s a high-priced Parka.
But it doesn’t fit me.
canada goose jacket sale mens The 2XL definitely runs a size small, even though it’s described as having “a relaxed fit”.
I’m size 20, and curvy, and this PBS Canada Goose Parka fit WAY too snug to breathe, much less move comfortably. (I have more than one coat in a size 1X that fit me comfortably, with room to spare.)
I think their 2XL must be meant for tall women with a more “tapered” figure. The sleeve length was a good indication of that.
This purchase turned out to be really disappointing for me. I was Really looking forward to wearing it, and couldn’t wait to get home to open the box.

canada goose jacket sale online The color is an intensely-bright “royal” blue (trust the Amazon Photo) that is bound to be visible in any weather, and the water-resistant fabric certainly seems sturdy enough to block strong icy winds and wet weather conditions.

The Polar Bear & Cub PBI patch is my favorite feature of this Parka, which is why I decided to spend a few dollars more for this PBS Expedition ‘version’ over the regular red Expedition model.
The coyote fur ruff is also lovely: very soft, very nice quality fur.

canada goose jacket sale womens I SINCERELY regret that it didn’t fit me and that I had to return it. But returning it was easily accomplished.

A word to the wise:
canada goose jacket sale I tried a “C/G Kensington model lookalike” parka first from a web-based,non-authorized company (found this fact out too late), which turned out to be “overseas”, and their Parkas run even smaller. The fabric was very nice, but the fur was Not like in the photos.
I received a Medium-sized parka with a 2XL size tag on it. Twenty dollars for shipping and $11 for a ‘foreign transaction fee’ was added to the price. Plus, I may be out the cost of sending it back as well. OUCH! Big Mistake on my part. Do your research on the company BEFORE you buy; make sure they are an Authorized Retailer for Canada Goose.
It took nearly 4 weeks for me to get it (ordered Jan 5th, sent Jan 18th, 10 days in and out of Postal Customs in Chicago, but received it the very next day after they released it (Jan 31st).
I’m STILL waiting for that company to respond with a Return Auth.#, but I won’t hear back from them until they return from their Spring festival/New Year vacation.
canada goose jacket womens The price was too good to be a real Canada Goose Article (price was 60% off “retail”). So, beware!
My advice is: If you can afford it (use Amazon Store Credit for %0 interest for 12 months!), get the REAL thing! I could REALLY see the Exceptional quality in the Genuine article. Wow, what a difference!
This coat was huge! I mean it was warm but too big! I ordered a small, I like coats that are more slim fit. The picture shows a model with a pretty big coat but the model at Bloomingdales looks really good in this coat so I took my chances. But please don’t order this coat if you’re looking for those nice slim fitting Canada Goose coats.

canada goose outlet store The color of the jacket seemed a little darker than in the photo. I bought a size XXS (always carry clothing XS size )and the size jacket approached me perfectly. When you hold this jacket in hand, it seems that it is Very heavy, but when you put on yourself, it doesn’t feel heavy! Noted also some unpleasant drawbacks-from seams sometimes feathers fall out and it’s very frustrating, considering the cost of the jacket!
Great coat if you need something for very cold weather – like 20 degrees and cooler. Well made. Lots of deep pockets. Kept me warm snowmobiling at 11000 feet in Vail for over 4 hours outside. I am plus size and curvy and this coat is amply sized through the shoulders but runs a little narrower in the hips. Just be forewarned if you plan on bulky lower layers.
This park is everything as advertised and more. The fur trim keeps the wind off my face while allowing me to enjoy activities even in the coldest winter weather. The sizing as detailed on the website may be a little off as I am a size 5/6 and the Medium women’s parka is for larger sizes. It fits perfectly.

canada goose factory sale There is no better product on planet Earth. Period.
Good jacket super warm in the cold.
I’m a man, so I don’t own this exact coat, but I know something about staying warm, as I have spent time outdoors in -60F weather (I’m talking actual temperature, not even factoring the additional wind-chill). Here’s some advice for women that want to stay warm when it’s really cold. DO NOT purchase a coat, boots, mittens, etc. based on fashion, how cute it is, the way it makes you appear, or designer labels that will impress your friends (unless looking stylish is more important to you than being warm). Also, I know that a looser fit does not flatter the figure, but a snug fit is not as warm (an exception being that you want it snug around openings like cuffs, neck, etc.). You probably already own lots of “cute” clothing, but if you’re still freezing, THAT’S EXACTLY THE REASON WHY.

canada goose jacket mens it is the best snow jacket in the world. the jacket is very comfortable and warm. with this, you can go to Antarctica
Beautiful coat – VERY WARM – it is a true medium about a size 8
Built for the extreme northern cold. Currently living in North Dakota where the temperature can be -20 to -40 F in the winter. More than enough to keep you warm.

Canada Goose Ladies Montebello Parka Coat
Canada Goose Ladies Montebello Parka Coat Description
canada goose black friday As the extreme outerwear experts for over 50 years, Canada Goose knows what goes into producing a warm, functional jacket. A new addition to the Canada Goose collection, the stylish and slim fitting Montebello Parka is perfect for every day. Its hip length and military button detailing make it a top choice for those who are interested in both a great look and ultimate warmth.

canada goose outlet This parka from Canada Goose was inspired by and named for Quebec’s beautiful Chateau Montebello, arguably the world’s largest and most stylish log cabin. Slim-fitting with an adjustable waist and smart military button details, the hip-length Montebello Parka boasts an array of internal and external gear pockets, as well as all the warmth that comes from 625 fill power white duck down insulation. A great blend of functionality and cutting-edge style, the Montebello Parka embodies a spirit of rugged luxury and rustic elegance.

canada goose coat The parka sports a slim fit that’s tailored to fit close to the body. Its low hip length provides a perfect amount of protection, as do the fleece-lined chin guard and recessed, heavy-duty, flexible rib-knit cuffs. The adjustable, fleece-lined down hood and removable coyote fur ruff add versatility. Smart military-style buttons accent the heavy-duty, two-way locking front zipper. An internal elastic drawcord adjusts the waist, while interior shoulder straps allow you to carry the parka like a backpack. Other highlights include two upper fleece-lined pockets with snap closures; two lower pockets with military-button closures; a utility pocket on the left sleeve; a right interior zippered security pocket; and a left interior pocket with a convenient headphone-access opening–perfect for a cell phone or MP3 player.

canada goose sale Made of 85 percent polyester, 15 percent cotton, the Arctic-Tech shell weighs 190 grams per square meter (GSM) and sports a durable water repellent finish. The plain-weave nylon lining weighs 55 GSM and is also treated with a water-repellent finish. The insulation is 625 fill power white duck down.

Canada Goose Ladies Montebello Parka Coat Care
When your down-filled parka requires cleaning, it is important that you take it to a dry cleaner and that you do not machine wash it. Machine washing your parka will void the warranty. If your parka has a removable fur option, remove the fur ruff before dry cleaning. If you have a small stain on your parka, another option is to spot-wash the parka with a bleach-free detergent and water.

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Manufacturer’s Warranty
All Canada Goose products are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship. If a product ever fails due to a manufacturing defect, the company will repair the product without charge or replace it at its option. This warranty does not include repairs due to accidents, improper care, negligence, or normal wear and tear. In such cases, Canada Goose will repair the item for a reasonable charge. This warranty is valid exclusively in the country of purchase through the original retailer.

About Canada Goose

canada goose black friday
canada goose outlet
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Canada Goose has been manufacturing innovative, high-quality outerwear in Canada for over 50 years. From South Pole research facilities and the Canadian High Arctic to the streets of New York City, Stockholm, Milan, Toronto, and Tokyo, people wear Canada Goose products because of the company’s reputation for quality, functionality, and style. Its collection of down-insulated, technical, and travel-inspired outerwear offers protection in conditions that range from the mind-numbing cold of Antarctica to the gale force winds on the North Sea.

All Canada Goose products are field-tested by those who live, work, and play in the environments they emerged from. From the Constable Parka developed with insights from law enforcement agencies to the Expedition Parka worn by almost every scientist at the South Pole and the Chilliwack Parka designed for pilots of the north, it is safe to say that Canada Goose outerwear is truly a product of its environment.
natural coyote fur (fur origin: Canada)
Down-insulated parka featuring adjustable hood with removable coyote-fur ruff and recessed rib-knit cuffs
Two-way locking front zipper
Fleece-lined chin guard
Internal elastic drawcord

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Canada Goose Ladies Montebello Parka Coat reviews
This coat was beyond my expectations and I would have kept it if it had fit…in the meantime my husband had bought a coat for me for Christmas…not nearly as nice as the Canadian Goose ..what a beautifully designed and elegant coat.
When I opened my box, I was so excited. However, my coat didn’t fit. The sleeves were very long. For me this is unusual. It was a very warm parka. I decided to return it. I was concerned with the small I wouldn’t be able to wear some of my bulkier sweaters or sweatshirts under it.
To help other people: I’m a good size 14 on top although I have slim hips, and I’m 5’10”. I bought the Montebello in size Large. It’s a perfect fit although the waist (there’s elastic with toggles around the waist inside) is high on me. You do need to have that elastic tightened a little around you or the wind can get under the coat (as its a slightly shorter version) and chill you. I soon became used to the waist is a little high as the rest of the coat fitted so well. Because there’s a knitted cuff on the sleeves, the sleeve length was great, and that’s something I often have trouble with, as I’m tall. 🙂 super coat, so light, warm and waterproof.

I bought this coat after wanting it for years but not like the price. It turns out that the coat is worth every dollar that I paid for it because it was the difference in having the time of my life on a Canadian winter vacation or freezing to death without the proper winter gear. I love this coat!
I wanted this parka for a long time but it’s too expensive, so I was thinking a lot before I bought this.

canada goose jacket womens
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But this is really good quality and I like it so much. I’m usually wearing 8 U.S size and I bought Medium size.
This park is nice and very warm.
Absolutely beautiful coat. Color is as expected. Quality is top of the line. Fits great. I wear it skiing in cold weather and stay toasty warm.
I moved back to Chicago and needed a coat that would be warm enough to endure the cold winters. I also wanted something that would look halfway decent and would not make me look like the Michelin Man. I tried this jacket on in the store to see how it would look. Ordered online later one since I knew which one I liked. Ended up going with the Winter white. To my surprise not only was it warm but it was very cute on as well. So if you are looking for a coat with both functionality and a little fashion this is definitely the one to pick up. It does run an on the small side though. I am pretty petite and the XS fit me perfectly which rarely happens. So You may have to size up especially if you are going to layer under it.
Buy a jacket with fur from coyotes that were trapped? Seriously? Who’s ignorant enough (or vain enough) to buy this?

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This jacket far exceeded my expectations. I love Canada Goose and wanted a sportier, lighter weight jacket than The Expedition, which is very warm, but bulky. This jacket is really warm and so easy to wear. The red color is beautiful. I get compliments wherever I go and it’s nice and toasty. Being that I’m short, 5’1″, it covers the top of my thigh so my whole trunk is nice and warm. The tapered fit makes it a very flattering jacket. Stylish and functional– can’t beat that!
My daughter wanted this coat for Christmas and once it came in and I tried it on, I knew I had to have one too. It is the best coat I have ever owned. It is so warm, and the fleece inside the pockets keeps your hands feeling cozy. It is windproof, waterproof and the fur on the hood is very luxurious. I just can’t say enough about how much I enjoy wearing this coat, and the compliments I receive.
I read the 2 reviews and I have to disagree with the sizing. I tried this jacket in the store before ordering it online (online because more color choices) and I’m usually a size XS or 2 and I had to get XXS. For reference, I’m 5’7″ 110 pounds. With this jacket, you really don’t need to wear layers because it’s so warm. I prefer a slimmer silhouette and this jacket is beautiful, fashionable AND warm (perfect for Canadian winters). I find that with most jackets the smaller the size the shorter the sleeves seem to be but even with an XXS, the length was perfect. I would definitely recommend this jacket as the style and quality will last you for years.

canada goose jacket sale online
canada goose jacket sale womens
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I cannot express how much I love this parka. So lightweight yet SO WARM. I live in an area with relatively mild climates compared to having lived in areas in the midwest so I didn’t want something as heavy duty as the Expedition but still something very warm as we do visit family in both Canada and in the midwest and this was perfect. Extremely warm, but definitely fitted to a woman’s body. If there were ever such a thing as a sexy parka, this is it. I got mine in the ocean which is a very pretty pale blue. Also, I found the sizing true to my normal sizing. I normally am an XS to an S and got this in a small as I wanted to have room for heavy sweaters underneath and it’s perfect. Very pleased 🙂

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It’s real goose. Good quality and good price.
I gave to my mother for the present. She liked the color and the size.
I like it as well. Thanks.